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Your furry friends deserve the best! We’re Houston’s leading pet sitters, providing expert care and love for your pets when you can’t be there. Trust the #1 choice for peace of mind and wagging tails!


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Our Fantastic Fur-tastic Services!

Yup, we’re talkin’ pro care for critters right at their own home sweet home, making sure they’re snug as a bug and getting all the lovin’ they deserve.

We’ll strut those pooches with regular walks to keep ’em fit, feisty, and as happy as a lark.

We’re fixin’ up the best meals for your furballs and keepin’ ’em watered up, just like you told us.

Get ready for some high-falutin’ playtime and belly rubbin’ – keepin’ those furry minds sharp as a tack!

Givin’ those critters their medicine when it’s time, ’cause we know it ain’t always easy. We’re like the real-life pet whisperer, y’all.

We’ll brush those coats, trim them nails, and make sure they’re lookin’ as dapper as a Texas sunset.

We’ll stay the night, keepin’ watch over your homestead and them adorable pets, makin’ sure they got a friend right there.

Roundin’ up them critters and drivin’ ’em where they need to go, like the ol’ vet or that fancy groomin’ parlor.

Keepin’ them cat boxes clean and tidy, just like it should be.

We’re wranglin’ them little critters too, like bunnies, guinea pigs, and even them colorful birds.

Fancy a photoshoot for your furry friend? We’ll capture ’em in all their glory, ’cause they’re stars in our book, partner!

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At our Paw Sitters, we’re more than just a pet-sitting service – we’re your pet’s friend! When you can’t be there, count on us to provide the love, care, and attention your furry family members deserve.

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Engaging with pets through play and social interaction, keeping them mentally stimulated.